Let's talk about the Canadian Start-up Visa SUV program.

Nearly a year ago, I shared an article about obtaining permanent residency in Canada through the SUV project. Please see here for reference. A lot has happened in the past year, and immigration policies have certainly changed, but overall, I still believe that this project is the best choice for those who are suitable.

Since I started the SUV project, I have been paying attention to information in this area and found that there is very little information online, let alone successful case studies. Therefore, since then, I have been sharing some experiences of the SUV project on platforms such as Zhihu, Telegram, and Xiaohongshu. I believe that the content I share may be the only one from an SUV project applicant on the entire internet, so I hope it can be helpful to those who want to apply. Interested friends can exchange some entrepreneurial experiences. I believe that the situation two years ago and now may have some differences. For example, I have learned that there are significant differences in the requirements for startup capital compared to before, but they are not significant issues.

Recently, I heard from some friends in a group that some intermediaries in China told them that the approval rate for SUV has dropped from the previously claimed 99% to about 15%, and they encouraged them to apply for employer-sponsored immigration. I am quite angry about this, but not surprised at all. I have always believed that immigration is the biggest turning point in a person's life, and any intermediary with a conscience should not take advantage of this opportunity to consume the trust of applicants, let alone deceive them. This is also one of my two principles when applying for immigration at that time: not to find domestic intermediaries and not to do employer sponsorship or study immigration. I have consulted many domestic intermediaries (but I have no intention of signing with them), but to be honest, there is not much valuable information. What they told me is basically no different from what I collected online. As for employer sponsorship and study immigration, anyone who knows a little about the immigration industry knows that these are not good projects and have extremely high risks of illegal activities. They are just projects with higher profits.

Later, I consulted a local lawyer here and learned about the most realistic approval rate data for the SUV project. Let me share it here. This data was compiled by the incubator I was in before. During the most severe period of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the approval rate was only 50%, with 11 approvals and 11 rejections. In 2021, it improved significantly to 90%. From 2022 to now, there have been 18 approvals and 4 rejections, with an approval rate of approximately 82%. It must be said that although Canada is extremely eager for population growth, it is far from relaxing principles and lowering standards to allow everyone in. For those who want to immigrate through this project, the focus must still be on real entrepreneurship and management. Although the annual quota for this project has not been reached in recent years, there are still many opportunities for future applications.

Taking this opportunity, I want to reiterate something I have said many times in many occasions. For immigration novices, you must do your homework. Immigration is not like buying something, paying money, and leaving. Regardless of what project you are doing, you need to be deeply involved and make decisions yourself. Being a passive bystander will only lead to being scammed or rejected. When deciding to immigrate to Canada, it is essential to prepare for English proficiency first. With an IELTS score (regardless of high or low), go to consult with intermediaries or directly consult with Canadian lawyers. Prioritizing time on researching various immigration projects is the least efficient way. Currently, there are over 200 immigration projects in Canada, and more than 90% of the projects that can be pursued require language scores. Therefore, it is advisable to take the test first, and then consider which project matches your economic strength, or consider taking the test again, and so on. Focus on improving language skills to meet the application requirements. If you have already met the requirements, there is no need to spend too much time improving your language skills. On the one hand, studying language in China is not very efficient and is costly. The additional improvement in language skills does not bring corresponding value. On the other hand, once you meet the requirements, you should apply as soon as possible. Once you arrive in Canada, there are many ways to learn English, especially the Canadian government provides many assistance programs for new immigrants, including free language courses.

Finally, let's get back to the SUV project. It must be said that the SUV project is still a project that requires higher requirements for immigration lawyers than applicants. Therefore, not all immigration lawyers have the ability and resources to handle this project, which naturally leads to less related content online and being blacklisted by other intermediaries. It is not only programmers who can apply for this project, but the SUV project requires entrepreneurial projects to meet conditions such as innovation and profitability. IT-related platform systems are easier to meet these conditions, such as those related to AI in recent years, which are more easily accepted by incubators. Of course, there are successful cases of non-IT projects as well, and specific situations need to be analyzed. In addition, many people ask me to recommend lawyers to them. It's not that it's not possible, but many times I feel that it hasn't reached that stage yet. For example, if you haven't taken the IELTS test, it's useless to find a lawyer. They will still ask you to go back and prepare for the language first. Moreover, lawyers don't want too many people to approach them, especially immigration novices seeking consultation. It is not realistic to expect a lawyer who charges one or two hundred Canadian dollars per hour to provide free training on immigration knowledge from scratch. However, if you are interested, you can contact me for a chat. As long as I have time, I am happy to share information about the SUV project application.

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